The Mycelium Fibers

How do we make materials better? Together
with Mycelium! Its network of fibers is agile,
collaborative, and naturally strong.

Fabricating Bio-Materials

We believe in co-creating with nature.
That is why we fabricate our materials with
technology that comes from the nature:

The Mycelium technology

Co-creating with Mycelium opens up many new
revolutionary doors — for us and humankind.

Mylea™ The Mycelium Leather

Strong, sustainable, and eco-friendly
material made from the interlacing network
of Mycelium which is inspired from Tempeh.

Our Mylea™

Together with Sustainable Construction KIT Karlsruhe, ETH Zurich, Singapore-ETH

Mycotree is made of load-bearing mycelium and bamboos with a spatial branching structure.

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Together with Batam Housing Project

Mycelium texture on the surface meet contemporary expectations of architects and designers with a canny combination of form and function. Creating a remarkable structural patterns that rejuvenate residential, industrial and public spaces.

Guardians of The Future

Together with Mini Cooper Singapore

Walk through an archway flanked by a pair of imperial guardian lions which are grown into shape by Mycotech using mycelium, replacing the use of stone obtained from destructive mining.


Together with DBS Marina Regatta

A Furniture made from BIOBO that we called fungiture. A project with DBS for Marina Regatta Event, showcasing how future housing can actually be better.


Together with Osaka Living & Design 2019

Took part in Osaka Living & Design 2019, MYCL Armature is a statement of how future housing can be. grow this armature from local agricultural wastes and mold it in household plastic waste and showcase it in Osaka.

WTF Shoes

Together with

Together with, Mylea developed the very first commercially available shoes #madefrommushroom in the world. The product is available for purchase at along with other MYCL products.