Sustainability Impact

We are keeping our eyes open on these aspects to make sure
that we are on the right path.

Nature-based Polymers

Designing Bio-Based Polymers to fit the Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


100% Natural-Based Polymer, Made Safely and Naturally

Animal-Free Production

No animals were harmed to make any of our products


animals involved, completely cruelty-free materials

Carbon Footprint

Maintaining high-efficiency level, in turns reducing harmful gas emission

Maintaining sustainability as a Certified B Corporation, monitored by third party managements.

Agricultural & Industrial Waste

Repurposing scraps and adding value to waste in order to reduce injury to the Earth and bring benefit to the people.

251 kgs

251 Kgs of Agroforestry waste upcycled every month

Chemical Traceability

Carefully formulating the perfect environmentally-friendly materials


Seven post-production waste parameters* are constantly monitored to comply with the local regulations, SNI (National Standardisation Agency of Indonesia).

*BOD5, COD, TSS, Phenol, Chromium, Amonia, pH.

Water Management

Making sure the production process keeps the planet safe from toxicity.


The chromium in post production wastewater is complied according to the local regulations, SNI (National Standardisation Agency of Indonesia) of below 1 ppm