Mylea Keychain Wallet

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Mylea® Keychain Wallet – Compact Convenience, Big on Sustainability!

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  1. Mylea® Keychain Wallet
    Dimension: Folded: 10×4.5×0.8 cm Unfolded: 10x10x0.4 cm
    Material: Mylea®, Metal Carabiner, Metal Ring
    Feature: Slotfor Vehicle Reg ID, Hook for Vehicle keys, Customized Engrave
    Mylea® Keychain Wallet – Compact Convenience, Big on Sustainability!


Elevate your essentials with the Mylea® Keychain Wallet – a fusion of style and functionality in the palm of your hand.


Sustainably Chic:

Crafted from Mylea, our biodegradable wonder material, this keychain wallet is more than just a compact accessory; it’s a statement of your commitment to a greener planet. Carry your essentials with style and purpose.


Compact Versatility:

Designed for the modern minimalist, our keychain wallet is the perfect companion for those on the go. Securely store your cards and cash while keeping your keys close at hand. Practicality meets style in one compact package.


Mylea Magic:

Mylea not only ensures the longevity of your keychain wallet but also contributes to environmental well-being. As it biodegrades, it leaves behind a minimal carbon footprint, making your everyday carry a sustainable choice.


Why Choose Mylea® Keychain Wallet?

-Stylish and compact design

-Ideal for cards, cash, and keys

-Biodegradable material, Mylea

-Sustainable fashion for the modern lifestyle

-Make a bold statement with your everyday carry. Choose the Mylea® Keychain Wallet – where style meets sustainability.

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Weight0,1 kg
Dimensions10 × 4,5 × 0,8 cm


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