[Greeners] Eco-Friendly Material Made of Mushroom

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10 Sep 2019


Mycotech is a company that cultivates agri-waste based materials bound by Mycelium, the root part mushrooms that look like strands of string. Their goal? Growing sustainable materials for a better world.The second material [by Mycotech] is Mylea, a mushroom-based material that resembles animal leather — can easily replace it, too. Through Mylea, Mycotech has collaborated with local brand Pala Nusantara to create mushroom-based watch. The product has earned prestigious awards such as Good Indonesian Design Award and INACRAFT 2019. [...]

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*The article quoted above has been translated & language-adjusted so that the information written is in accordance with MYCL's branding guidelines.

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20 May 2022

Mycelium has caught the attention of researchers for a range of sometimes surprising reasons. British biologist Merlin Sheldrake, for example, recently authored the best-selling by Jessica Hemmings ©2022 Surface Design Association, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. SPRING 2022 / 25 fashion. Mycelium’s speed of growth and relative ease of cultivation are often cited as positive environmental benefits of its production. Launched in 2015, Mycotech Lab, or MYCL, is an Indonesian bio-based material startup.

07 Apr 2022

“ I always knew that the environment is having a problem, and with all this buzz about the climate crisis, I knew that we humans must act. And I know that being aware of the environment is actually cool. I've seen people who are living very eco-friendly lifestyles. But, it looks like such a hassle and expensive, though” Have these kinds of thoughts slither past your mind when considering living more sustainably? It may be because of the novelty , but sustainable and environmentally friendly living is not yet the norm in our society. Click here to read more!