[Greeners] Eco-Friendly Material Made of Mushroom

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10 Sep 2019


Mycotech is a company that cultivates agri-waste based materials bound by Mycelium, the root part mushrooms that look like strands of string. Their goal? Growing sustainable materials for a better world.The second material [by Mycotech] is Mylea, a mushroom-based material that resembles animal leather — can easily replace it, too. Through Mylea, Mycotech has collaborated with local brand Pala Nusantara to create mushroom-based watch. The product has earned prestigious awards such as Good Indonesian Design Award and INACRAFT 2019. [...]

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09 Jun 2020

As of November 2019, Mycotech is one of the 3 Indonesian corporations/businesses that achieved and passed the B Company Certification and is now a certified B Corporation. Mycotech has put in high effort to fulfill the high-level certification in order to make sure that the company is able to become the change that is sought in the world.

09 Jun 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic that has affected our daily lives is about survival; personally, and economically. The fashion industry is one of the businesses that experience the impact of consumer’s consumption habits shift as consumers prioritize necessary over discretionary products. On the other side, we can also witness a direct positive impact on the planet earth.