[CNA] Inspired by Local Delicacy, Indonesian Watchmaker Makes Straps from Mushrooms

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31 Oct 2019

Awatchmaker in Indonesia's Bandung city thinks the next step in sustainability is a wristwatch with a strap made out of the complex root structure of a mushroom.


Mycelium leather, as the material is known, is fibrous and tough yet pliable and waterproof, and has been touted as an environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic products or natural leather made from animal hide.

Erlambang Ajidarma, head of research at Mycotech, the start-up supplying the mycelium leather to make the wrist straps, said his team was inspired by tempeh, a traditional Indonesian savory dish made by fermenting soybeans with fungus.


"Finally we found one mushroom with a mycelium that can be made into binding material," said Ajidarma, after testing several different types of mushrooms since 2016.




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