Our Goal

Providing a high-performance and sustainable material through biotechnology for global market by empowering local communities.

This is just the beginning, join us to start a revolution. (more info: career@mycl.bio)


The people who started it all, assembling MYCL from the ground up into becoming what you see today.

Adi Reza Nugroho

Chief Executive Officer

Meet the father of MYCL. He’s a sports fan & loves working out. Being CEO was once unimaginable to him, but the first-born is a firm believer that persistence will never betray you. Not only his humility, his tactical mind will also bewilder you once you meet this Enoki lover.

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Ronaldiaz Hartantyo

Chief Business Development

His full-of-spirit personality is what will catch your eye when it comes to this Simon Sinek fan. His day-to-day activities include traveling, reading, watching movies, and looking for the next productive collaborations. His motto? “Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission”.

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Robby Zidna Ilman

Chief Operation Officer

A reserved person who spends his free time turning ideas into realities. Whilst focusing on improvements, this family man hopes to bring benefit to everyone around him in everything he does. He's a very handy person, so don't be surprised if you find him tinkering something new every day!

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M. Arkha Bentangan L

Chief Innovation Officer

MYCL’s CTO is a first-child who loves playing with mechanical watches and knives — safely, of course! He’s also an expert when it comes to mimicking his friends’ expressions, something he’s known for amongst his peers. For this Shiitake lover, diligence is the key to all success.

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Annisa Wibi Ismarlanti

Chief Financial Officer

As a learner & explorer, Annisa is inspired by many women, such as Siti Khadijah, Sheryl Sandberg, and Michelle Obama. In doing things, she always believe that “When you want something, the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it” like Paulo Coelho said in his book, The Achemist. She is an ailurophile who loves to read. When not at work, she's out enjoying restaurants and attempting to get some exercise done.

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Innovation and Technology

What you see stretches far beyond behind the scenes, and these folks know it best. They are the ones getting their hands on the products — from formulations to finalizations.

Erlambang Ajidarma

Head of Product Innovation

Rizka Mahargani

Assistent Researcher

Taufiq Samadyadi

Product Design and Development Executive

Selly Yulisa

Product Design and Development Officer

Faza Rahim

Business Development Supervisor

Riski Anugrah

Creative Officer

Riyanti Hayuning Pratiwi

Business Development Staff

Scaling Up

The handlers who observe and collaborate with Mycelium to create the materials on a daily basis.

Puteri Aulia R.

Production Manager

M. Yusuf Nurhadi

Bioprocess Engineer

Rizqy Paradila

Inventory Control Officer

Dean Adrilla

Mechanical Engineering


Production Operator


Production Operator

Arizal Kurniawan

Leather Research Assistant

Health, Safety and Sustainability

Monitoring the company’s sustainability and safety, as well as providing the necessary needs, including IT support.

Lini Ariva

HSE Executive

Reza Adiputra

GA Facility Supervisor

Rizky Lazuardi S.

IT Officer

Finance and Culture

The people to see when it comes to the law, order, and finances of the company.

Rini Lestari

Accounting & Tax Officer

Chandra R.

HR Officer

Agnesa Prameswari

General Cashier

Abu Bakar Nazibulloh

Legal Manager

Now Hiring: Assistant Researcher

A spot is open, and you might be the one we’re looking for!

Now Hiring: Accounting Officer

A spot is open, and you might be the one we’re looking for!